Rapport från avhandlingstunneln

  [Radialsystem XI](https://flic.kr/p/6XFBNN)  av SnaPsi Сталкер Ni vet filmer där folk går omkring med ficklampor i stinkande avloppstunnlar under amerikanska storstäder och letar efter bortkomna vänner men bara stöter på monster? Där är jag nu. Ja, bortsett från vilsegångna vänner och monster då. Rask marsch i en stinkande avloppstunnel och ett vagt ljussken bakom en krök Continue reading

Psychology and the character of science

What defines the very character of science is not the mechanical application of one or another method, but a much larger narrative in which methods are chosen because of their transparent relevance to a widely perceived problem. The methods adopted by Archimedes in ancient Greece, Newton in seventeenth-century England, Darwin in the middle of the nineteenth century, and Einstein early in the Continue reading

The key difficulty facing psychology

It seems incontestable that the key difficulty facing psychology ever since it chose to become a science is that of being able to treat in an adequate manner the phenomena of human reality. The great division in psychology’s perennial debate on this matter is between those who make a commitment to science first, and then turn to their phenomena of interest armed with the criteria of science Continue reading